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I feel like the current process is almost backwards. Granted i have built some useful systems but the software has all the information and statistics why ins't it telling us the most profitable combination of factors? What would happen if we eliminated the human factor and let the computer pick the criteria for the highest ROI%? Then from there we eliminate factors to develop our systems.

Am I making any sense?

asked 08 Nov '13, 10:03

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Mikey Mikes
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There are so many filter combinations that what you are asking for is too involved.

There are no short cuts to success. I've built many profitable systems for all sports, and have spent hours upon hours refining them. If you put in the time, you will find many profitable systems. Use your imagination, your creativity, common sense, etc... That is what makes building your own systems satisfying.

I am gearing up for baseball, and have 13 systems ready to go. Today, I opened up bet labs and developed a run line angle. Took me 15 minutes or so, trying different combinations. If past results are any indication, these systems should be very rewarding again this year. The total number of plays these systems put out is from 700-800. Over 6 months thats an average of 4-5 per day.

You want the software to tell you what to do. Look at it as if you are developing a software program. and you are inputting the data that makes it successful. Put in the time and work, and the results will follow.


answered 16 Feb, 00:20

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You could get a computer to do linear interpolation just like some advanced handicapping systems and rating formulas do. But it would be just as hard to distinguish between what is actually a profitable trend and what was just data mining.


answered 26 Jan, 23:51

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The only parameters we would set is number of games the statistics are pulled from to being the process. or the season.


answered 08 Nov '13, 10:05

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Mikey Mikes
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