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I'm new to SI and I'm trying to understand the systems (specifically Smart & Steam moves). I've noticed there will be a duplicate bet on those (taking both sides of the spread in an NBA game, for example). I'm just trying to get the most out of the programs, so any insight would help. I've been tracking the top books, but again, I want to make sure I'm maximizing my efforts. Thanks.

asked 13 Nov '13, 11:10

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Rick Belding
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There is a lot of information out there and if you look hard enough you'll find reason's to take both sides. The plays that sportsinsights provides for you are just systematic plays that their computers create to help give you insight on games that you may have been thinking about. You might want to go over the historical performance of certain systems before you start betting them and you also should have some idea of what kind of player you are and what positions you find to be the best for you. I am and "under" and "dog" player personally so i tend to look for things along those lines but you may be a little different. There is a lot of information out there and your job as the player is to filter out the noise and find what is working the best for you. hope that is helpful, cheers!


answered 14 Nov '13, 09:14

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I agree. I am also recently new. Until I get some experience under my belt, I look for the most profitable systems to date (right now both college sports for smart and steam bets) and I take the bets that are most triggered. Example, Ten Titans were triggered by 7 different sports books between both steam and smart money bets. Not to mention, at 87% spread ratio favoring IND and the line NOT moving in that favor, that is truely saying something about what vegas wants. The system picks up the sharp bets from those books. I put a solid 5 unit bet on TEN titan. So far so good!


answered 14 Nov '13, 22:42

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