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1) Please allow users to test systems against the opening lines (in addition to the closing lines presently used). In this way, one could check to see how performance changes between grading against openers and closers and thus project the best time to enter a bet. I am aware that one can filter for opening lines and open to close movement already, but what I am talking about is having a checkbox that selects whether the user wants the system plays graded against opening or against closing lines. That is, to simulate returns as if the bettor was placing all of his bets at the opening lines.

2) Can you make it so ATS systems can be easily copied and tested as Money Line systems, and vice versa?

asked 20 Dec '13, 04:15

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Mark P
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Great idea, totally agreed


answered 20 Dec '13, 11:19

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We will work on getting systems graded on the opening line. We will have to insure that the juice associated with the opening lines is 100% correct.

The other feature request is a little trickier. While some filters transition easily from one bet type to another, others do not. I will reply again when I have an update.


answered 20 Dec '13, 14:51

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I wanted to see if there is an update on the implementation progress of suggestion #1 above?


answered 04 Feb, 05:10

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Mark P
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