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Let me know if there are any additional Bet Labs filters that you would like to see added. Many of the filters that we have added have come at the request of Bet Labs users and we are always looking to improve the software.

asked 11 Sep '13, 13:22

SI-Travis's gravatar image

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goalie filters for NHL

(13 Oct '13, 01:30) sal

goalie filter is insanely awesome, thank you

(16 Oct '13, 01:20) sal

please can you add a filter for those players like to make teasers

(19 Oct '13, 21:58) packer

Teasers were added

(25 Nov '13, 16:24) SI-Travis

Reverse line mvmt.

(11 Jan, 18:39) mfin2005

1st 5 innings of baseball

(04 May, 14:36) dmurda2122
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We're familiar with Spreadapedia. Please list what filters they have that you think would be useful in Betlabs, please list in priority. Thanks for the feedback. This is how Betlabs will get better.



answered 11 Oct '13, 11:32

SI-DanF's gravatar image

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I must be missing it in the system if it's already there, but if not: The ability to look at 6/7/10 point teaser results in the system would be great.


answered 14 Oct '13, 04:43

Mako's gravatar image

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We are working on adding teaser results right now. Hopefully it will be up in a week or two.

(24 Oct '13, 13:09) SI-Travis

You now have the ability to click on the "Record" within any given system and will show you the records of the system for a 6pt/7pt.10 pt teaser and pleaser.

(25 Nov '13, 17:08) SI-DanM

I would like to see in the MLB the ERA of pitchers. Example what the past 3 games ERA has been for both pitching match ups, Career vs team ERA, Career at Stadium ERA, Current year ERA vs the team in current year ERA, ect..

Thank you,



answered 15 Oct '13, 13:32

pmmy's gravatar image

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In the statistics section, I'd like to see more options. My specific request for now is Sacks, INTs, Fumbles in that priority order. Just turnovers (what is there now) can be useful but not always tell the story you are looking for given certain match ups. Thx.


answered 17 Oct '13, 00:51

drew82's gravatar image

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We added sacks, int's, and fumbles.

(23 Oct '13, 08:55) Tostada3 ♦♦

Please add "opening spread list" filter to NCAA Football & Basketball Total systems. I find openers are better filters for my methodology.



Also, why were the Total Streaks removed?


answered 21 Oct '13, 16:19

Big%20Game's gravatar image

Big Game
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edited 21 Oct '13, 17:24

OU Streaks should be available now. Also, we have opening spread range in the filters and you can switch to the "List View" if you want to select individual opening spreads.

(23 Oct '13, 08:56) Tostada3 ♦♦

Opening Spread Lists for college totals is gone again.

(03 Nov '13, 16:25) Big Game

Sorry there was a little confusion internally because our normal standard is to include the word home in the name for these filters. I added the filter back and called it Home Open Spread List.

(04 Nov '13, 10:33) Tostada3 ♦♦

Thanks a bunch!

(04 Nov '13, 13:43) Big Game

any way to provide the statistic tab that you already have for nfl over to the ncaaf instead of just the streaks statistics......also adding the oppenent version of the statistics (ie oppenent def rush/pass/scoring) .........would like the ability to see double digit home dogs that rush well versus a bad rush def


answered 24 Oct '13, 12:55

jbbrown2's gravatar image

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I just added this for NCAAF, but it seems like we are getting some data from the beginning of the 2008 season somehow (I don't think we started archiving that data until 2010). I'll check on the status real quick.

(24 Oct '13, 13:24) SI-Travis

home road games streaks.

whether a team has played two, four, etc games consecutively on the road or at home.


answered 14 Nov '13, 18:55

ADPete's gravatar image

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Can we see what the spread and moneyline were for the previous games? I'd like to see a system of how often teams cover the spread AFTER winning a major upset.


answered 21 Dec '13, 17:56

Harvino's gravatar image

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This filter has been added. It's called "Prev Game Spread" and is located in Line Info.

(13 Jan, 13:52) SI-Travis

Adding more stats to the NHL. Power plays %, penalty Kill %, etc..


answered 21 Dec '13, 18:12

smartplays1127's gravatar image

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ncaa second half


answered 21 Jan, 11:11

OHCLiveDog77's gravatar image

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