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Let me know if there are any additional Bet Labs filters that you would like to see added. Many of the filters that we have added have come at the request of Bet Labs users and we are always looking to improve the software.

asked 11 Sep '13, 13:22

SI-Travis's gravatar image

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goalie filters for NHL

(13 Oct '13, 01:30) sal

goalie filter is insanely awesome, thank you

(16 Oct '13, 01:20) sal

please can you add a filter for those players like to make teasers

(19 Oct '13, 21:58) packer

Teasers were added

(25 Nov '13, 16:24) SI-Travis

Reverse line mvmt.

(11 Jan, 18:39) mfin2005

1st 5 innings of baseball

(04 May, 14:36) dmurda2122
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I'm interested in seeing for example the ability to do incremental increases in the betting amounts in reference to an ongoing streak, for instance, bets lost.


answered 26 Jan, 09:05

Gudentark's gravatar image

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With alternative markets becoming more popular in NBA it would be great to break down ATS and O/U records per QTR... not just limited to 1H and 2H.

As others have noted... you guys are offering an amazing product and I thank you for all your hard work continuing to make it great!


answered 31 Jan, 20:23

redenius7's gravatar image

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For NCAAB and NBA- Free Throw attempts per game. If possible recent free throw attempts per game (like last 5, 7 , 10 games) -Three point %and attempts. If possible recent three point % and attempts per game (like last 5, 7, 10 games) - Turnovers per game . If possible recent turnovers per game (like last 5, 7 , 10 games) -Rebounding per game?

All of this would be awesome Travis.



answered 04 Feb, 09:30

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Can we migrate from per game stats to per per possession stats?


answered 06 Feb, 13:52

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We are looking into adding possession stats such as offensive efficiency and pace. We have to actually calculate what those statistics would be prior to each game so it will take more time than using data that we already have.

(07 Feb, 13:54) SI-Travis

1) Miles traveled from previous game. Create a table with distances between all cities within a sport. Then for each game, calc. the distance between prev. game and current game -- zero, if playing back to back home games. Also create a filter with "total miles traveled within the last x days".

2) A filter with the time zone offset for each team. For an eastern team playing on west coast, offset would be -3. A team playing at home would have an offset of zero. Etc.


answered 09 Feb, 12:32

Mark%20P's gravatar image

Mark P
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Is MMA something Sports Insights is looking to add? I know the data is very primitive, but fight style and hitting/striking info. could be useful.


answered 11 Feb, 08:29

mlh5046's gravatar image

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Can we lock this?? I've seen enough of the ridiculous requests.


answered 12 Feb, 14:26

smartplays1127's gravatar image

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Team/opponent coming off Top 5/10/20/25 win in CFB/CBB would be awesome!


answered 19 Feb, 12:03

behindthebets's gravatar image

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Add spread change from open to close in moneyline systems if they do not move in tandem.


answered 20 Feb, 10:39

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This is done.

(25 Feb, 10:11) SI-Travis

This isn't a new filter but I would like to be able to see the graph/chart for all the Stat Streaks filters. I like that we're able to select between stat streaks of 1 to 5 games, but not being able to see the graph/chart makes it much harder than it needs to be when trying to find suitable ranges.

Additionally, on any filter that has multiple options like number of games for the stat streaks or "Home Games in Last N Days" where you have a drop down in the filter to select an option, we should be able use that filter more than once per system. For example, on a stat streak like "Home Def Points Streak ", there very well could be criteria that I need to include/exclude for streaks of 1, 2 and 3 games. But currently, I'm only able to use that filter once so I have to choose which of those three streaks is more important when we should be able to use as many as is necessary.



answered 20 Feb, 13:20

Big%20Game's gravatar image

Big Game
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