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Please add the following filters to MLB Totals that are already available for MLB Money Lines:

Team Info:

Home/Away Streak
Opp Home/Away Streak
Previous Game (Home/Visitor)
Opp Previous Game (Home/Visitor)
Previous Game (Favorite/Dog)
Opp Previous Game (Fav/Dog)

Line Info

Opening ML Range (with List view)
ML Change Open to Close


Win/Loss Streak
Opp Win/Loss Streak
ATS Win/Loss Streak
Opp ATS Win/Loss Streak
Previous Game ATS Margin


(All Stat Filters since there are none currently)


Pitcher Throws (R/L)
Opp Pitcher Throws (R/L)

Thanks very much in advance,


asked 01 May, 15:27

Big%20Game's gravatar image

Big Game
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edited 05 May, 17:49

It's been over a month without any action and not even a comment from the staff. It's the middle of MLB season, how is this not more important?


answered 03 Jun, 13:07

Big%20Game's gravatar image

Big Game
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I agree. Frankly, the o/u filters are lacking in every sport. (Well aware that certain sides filters cannot be offered in totals systems, but I am talking about the ones that can). The ones that do exist are often out of order, or only half there (home team filter, not no road team filter, e.g.). Someone at SI needs to go through all the O/U filter categories and make sure they are as complete and as organized as possible. Right now, they are kind of a mess. I could list 50 examples across all sports (of filters than could/should exist, but do not), but it would be easier for SI to go through all sports and make sure everything that can be offered in a totals system is being offered. Thanks.


answered 20 Jul, 01:24

Mark%20P's gravatar image

Mark P
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I would like to get a previous game extra innings filter or has the home team/away team gone into extras in the series... would like to test theories based on how many innings the bullpen has pitched in their previous 3 games

(20 Jul, 16:19) leemane
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