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Let me know if there are any additional Bet Labs filters that you would like to see added. Many of the filters that we have added have come at the request of Bet Labs users and we are always looking to improve the software.

asked 11 Sep '13, 13:22

SI-Travis's gravatar image

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goalie filters for NHL

(13 Oct '13, 01:30) sal

goalie filter is insanely awesome, thank you

(16 Oct '13, 01:20) sal

please can you add a filter for those players like to make teasers

(19 Oct '13, 21:58) packer

Teasers were added

(25 Nov '13, 16:24) SI-Travis

Reverse line mvmt.

(11 Jan, 18:39) mfin2005

1st 5 innings of baseball

(04 May, 14:36) dmurda2122
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righty/lefty pitcher filter for mlb!!!!


answered 12 Sep '13, 10:48

leemane's gravatar image

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You can look at this for either the team or the opponent.

(11 Oct '13, 09:48) SI-Travis

Whether the team was home or away their previous game.


answered 19 Sep '13, 11:27

Thor4140's gravatar image

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Hey Thor,

We actually just added this filter for all sports in Bet Labs. Let me know if you find any cool systems with it.

(19 Sep '13, 11:35) SI-Travis

Turnover differentials, not just # of turnovers per game. I want to know which team won/lost the turnover battle.

Turnover differentials streaks would also be nice.


answered 19 Sep '13, 11:29

BigDataCat's gravatar image

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opponents previous game margin.Opponents previous spread. Opponents previous H/A.

we need more of what the opponent did in the previous game I am looking for a letdown spot.


answered 28 Sep '13, 22:57

ilprato's gravatar image

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We now have Opp Prev Game Margin, Opp Prev Game ATS and Opp Prev Game H/A.

(10 Oct '13, 16:23) Tostada3 ♦♦

I would like to see what television network the NCAAF games are on. When an unranked team plays at home vs ranked team and game is on national television...I believe it's a good system, but would love to be able to test it historically.



answered 01 Oct '13, 19:13

Harvino's gravatar image

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I don't know a good source to find past television information. We do have a filter that looks at the number of bets on a game. Normally a game with a higher number of bets will correlate with a game being on tv.

(11 Oct '13, 09:50) SI-Travis

opponent prev game margin


answered 10 Oct '13, 12:04

jbbrown2's gravatar image

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This has been added.

(10 Oct '13, 14:04) Tostada3 ♦♦

Looking to build on over/under on NHL - previous game margin and opponents previous game margin is not there.

(17 Oct '13, 06:40) Lagartos

We added previous game home/visitor margin's for all sports over/under

(22 Oct '13, 22:28) Tostada3 ♦♦

I think a great benefit would be a way for users to see successful systems that others have created, and save them into our own betlabs... not sure how this would work. Maybe ones graded "B" and higher? Or perhaps let each user submit their top 10 where we can all see the screenshot?


answered 11 Oct '13, 10:50

trippingbilly's gravatar image

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Also, regarding new filters.. there is a site that's similar to bet labs ( I hope me typing that doesn't upset anyone because while it's a 'competitor' trust me it's not nearly as good and It's only for NFL. However there are a lot more filters in their program and many of them I believe are very important for handicapping NFL games. If I may offer a humble suggestion, I think one of your betlabs guys should go create a free trial on their site and browse through the filters and I'm sure you would find several filters that you would want to add to betlabs. If you don't want to do that let me know and I could create a list for you? I'm a huge fan of betlabs and how easy the interface is etc.. I think it's a few filters away from being the most useful capping tool on the market. Great job and thank yall again!


answered 11 Oct '13, 10:56

trippingbilly's gravatar image

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We're familiar with Spreadapedia. Please list what filters they have that you think would be useful in Betlabs, please list in priority. Thanks for the feedback. This is how Betlabs will get better.



answered 11 Oct '13, 11:32

SI-DanF's gravatar image

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I must be missing it in the system if it's already there, but if not: The ability to look at 6/7/10 point teaser results in the system would be great.


answered 14 Oct '13, 04:43

Mako's gravatar image

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We are working on adding teaser results right now. Hopefully it will be up in a week or two.

(24 Oct '13, 13:09) SI-Travis

You now have the ability to click on the "Record" within any given system and will show you the records of the system for a 6pt/7pt.10 pt teaser and pleaser.

(25 Nov '13, 17:08) SI-DanM
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